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Welcome to Visitopia! Here at Visitopia we let you experience your travel destination by giving you useful information selected by locals, which enables you to really connect with people, lifestyles and cultures. You can create your own personal cityguide, just by selecting the items that are important to you, and you can easily book your flight, hotel, car rental and event/attractions.

These local's experiences are the most usefull source for a travel guide, as they contain only inside information. Locals are able to share this information by starting a licenced website at Visitopia for the city or region they live in. Therefore, Visitopia distinguishes itself from other traveling websites by seeing locals as the ultimate source of info.

Visitopia: "Where the world becomes local".

Visitopia.com is a community travel website, where everybody can join and everybody can profit. We are offering visitors of our website the opportunity to set up their own licenced website for their city/region, if that destination isn't represented yet at visitopia.com.

Are you proud of the city you live in? Would you like the world to know how great your city is? Yes! Then go to the join section and represent your city on Visitopia.com by starting your own licenced website.